Our Green Report


The ETHS Central Kitchen has a large recycling dumpster next to the trash dumpster. For every 1 bin of trash, the central kitchen collects approximately 2-3 containers of recyclable items/day.

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Items recycled in the main kitchen include:
   o All cardboard cases (50-100 cases/day)
   o #10 Aluminum cans (up to 80 cans/day)
   o All plastic containers i.e. 1 gallon containers used for: salad dressing, salsa, etc

• Cafeteria promotions for the 07-08 school year have focused on increasing recycling efforts.

   o “Drink It Then Sink It” – Dairy promotion which encouraged students to recycle plastic 8oz or 12oz milks within the cafeteria. This promotion included numerous give-aways, a celebrity autograph signing as well as national and local media coverage.

   o “Refresh & Recycle” – Bottled Water and recycling promotion which will be held in all 5 cafeterias (students and staff) April 21 – May 2nd. We will be selling Nestle bottled water for $0.50 ($1.00 regularly) and stronglyencouraging students to recycle by emphasizing existing blue recycling bins in addition to adding a new Nestle bottled water recycling bin in a prominent place in each cafeteria.

 • Our department is now asking manufacturers to provide us with information on how each company is making positive environmental changes. I.e. Nestle has decreased the amount of plastic used to make bottled water by 30%, General Mills has decreased their carbon emissions by 2% and is requiring all bidders to match their efforts, etc.

 • Nutrition service employees are asked to turn off the lights whenever they’re not    needed. I.e. Inside walk-in coolers and freezers, in offices, etc.

• Nutrition service department office staff uses both sides of printing paper before placing in the recycling bin, recycle all printer toner cartridges, and only print documents when necessary.